Work with us

There are many different ways in which you can work with us to support the employability of our students and graduates.  We have listed some below, however, if you have an idea of how we could work together, please get in touch.


As an academic you have a key role in helping to embed employability in the curriculum as part of our collaborative approach to working with academic partners.  We have lots of ideas on how to do this and specially designed resources which your Schools Careers Consultant can tell you about. You are also especially well placed to encourage students to use the Career Service (for example through posting messages on BrightSpace) and to alert finalists to the Graduate Outcomes Survey, as well as our graduate support package. You might also want to get involved in projects or offer to join your School Enterprise and Employability Group (SEEG).

Personal Tutors

Personal Tutors are in a unique position to point students to the careers support that’s available. Examples of this include our internal job board which advertises over 12,000 opportunities every year, our CV checker, guidance appointments) and our popular ‘How To…’ central workshops. The Careers home page is a natural place for students to start. As a Personal Tutor you can also help to create a safe space for tutees to surface questions and concerns about employability which they can pursue with our qualified staff.

Placement Units

Placement Years and other forms of work experience (including those led by the Enterprise Team) are a very valuable component of the curriculum which the Careers and Employability Service is committed to supporting. Staff in Placements Units can draw on our job seeking resources to help students apply for work experience; team up with your Careers Consultant for co-delivery of employability sessions; point students to internships advertised through the JobShop; and take a joined-up approach to employer engagement with the Business Partnership Team through the Work Integrated Learning Forum (WILF).

Other staff and organisations

Non-academic staff

Employability is a whole University responsibility. So, we welcome the opportunity to work with staff across the piece where there is scope for collaboration. For example, we work with: Planning to analyse Graduate Outcomes results, IT to enhance our systems, Training to upskill staff, Disability to run things like the Disabled Students Induction or the Workability event, Wellbeing to promote resilience resources, Estates to organise Careers Fairs, School administrators to communicate with students and HR to promote student vacancies.

Students' Union

The Students' Union (SU) are key partners who provide vital insight into student concerns. SU led insights helps inform our work and through including SU student engagement data in School Enterprise and Employability Plans (SEEPs) we can share Students' Union priorities with Schools.  We closely collaborate with the SU to reach out to the student body, for example by co-locating our PT jobs fair with the SU Freshers’ Fair.

External organisations

We are always interested to hear from employers, employer representatives, alumni, charities and other external organisations that have a shared interest in student employability. For example, we organise employer/alumni panels for students as part of their degree, bring employers on to campus to promote their company and vacancies, invite alumni onto School Enterprise and Employability Groups (SEEGs), work with Third Sector Leaders (TSL) Kirklees to promote volunteering and find mentors in the local community.