Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the web address for Agresso?


Where is my requisition?
To locate your requisition within Agresso, you can run a workflow enquiry. This will produce a real-time workflow map, identifying exactly the stages your requisition has completed and where it is currently waiting. To carry out this enquiry, please follow this link to our workflow enquiry training documentation. ‌


What is different about an E-Market Place Order?
The E-Market Place is a new method of ordering, which is integrated with Agresso, our finance system. We have created relationships with specific suppliers to incorporate their product catalogue into our ordering process, to streamline the procurement experience. The difference for E-Market Place orders is that rather than physically printing a copy of the order and sending it manually to the supplier, the E-Marketplace sends the order automatically and then the invoice is registered onto the system automatically also, reducing the manual work required by all departments. (Please note - to ensure that your order has been sent to the supplier you need to have received 2 emails, one email notification from Agresso and one from the supplier themselves, shortly after one another. If this is not the case please contact Agresso Support on ext. 3833 or email ).


When are your next training dates?
We have a number of training dates set up across the year, consisting of Web Requisitioning, E-Market Place Ordering, Purchase Card Coding, Sales Orders, Expenses and Enquiries. All of our training dates are published on the staff development website (follow this link ), where you can also book your courses too. If you have any queries with regards to training either email us at or phone ext. 3833.


I need to find something in Agresso but don’t know how to find it, what should I do?
Depending on what you are trying to find, we may already have enquiries and reports set up. However, if we identify that your query is unique we can try and create bespoke enquiries for you, to provide you your required information. To identify the best solution, ring (ext. 3833) or email us ( and we will get back to you.


There is a product/service that I want to sell online, is there any way of doing this?
We have the online payment facility called the Online Store. This is a place where products such as graduation tickets, conferences and DBS checks are advertised and sold, providing a 24 hour payment service to all of our customers. There is the opportunity to have the products available to both internal and external customers, or hide the product, so it is only identifiable to specific groups of customers. To identify if the online store is a suitable payment facility for your product/service you want to sell, please do not hesitate to contact Agresso Support or fill in this Online Store Form and send to Agresso Support. To view our Online Store follow this link  (Please note there is a fee of 25p per transaction and 50p per refund to cover bank charges for card payments).


I’ve forgotten my Agresso password, how do I change it?
To update your Agresso password you will need to contact Agresso Support directly either by calling ext. 3833


I’m going on holiday, what will happen to my tasks in Agresso?
To ensure that your Agresso tasks remain active and not time out whilst you are away, we can put on a substitute onto your account, to allow them to complete your tasks on your behalf. An appropriate substitute would need to be someone who has the same Agresso access as yourself and in relation to the financial regulations, should be of the same level or above in the organisational hierarchy. To send through your substitute request, please ring ext. 3833 or email


I need access to a cost centre, how do I go about gaining access?
To provide access to a specific cost centre on your Agresso account, we will always require the budget holder approval. This will need to be sent in an email to Agresso Support at Once this has been sent through, we will then add your access accordingly. We would always advise, once we have granted you access, log out of Agresso and then log back into to update your account.


Frequently Asked Questions - Expenses: 


                                                Do I have to attach a receipt to every line of my expense claim?                                                    

If your claim has got multiple expenses lines you have the option of scanning multiple receipts in one image file and upload and match it to the first expenses line. The receipts will have to be numbered 1,2,3.... according to the expense line number that they relate to.  (see screen 24 of expenses manual) Generally you don’t have to attach receipts for mileage claims.



I have processed my claim on Agresso Expenses but I don’t appear to have been paid.

Payment will occur on the next available payment run but it will only get paid when it has been approved by School finance office and/or budget holder.



   My claim hasn’t gone to the correct person to approve in the workflow.  Why is this?

The claim needs to be approved by the School office (for School staff) and the budget holder for the subproject used for the claim. If you are using a subproject that you yourself are budget holder for then your claim will go to your supervisor for approval.

If your claim has gone to the wrong person please check that you have used the correct subproject. You can get the budget holder to reject the claim and you can then change the subproject if needed.



 How do I enter an expense claim onto Agresso I have never done it before.

Please follow the expenses manual which explains how to process a claim.  If you get stuck at any point please email the Agresso team ( who will point you in the right direction.



Where is the expenses system?

The online expenses system is within the financial Agresso system.  To get to this use the Universities home page and navigate to the Online Systems then go to the Agresso link under A to Z.  If you then find you can’t login then email the Agresso support team who will look into this for you.


I have just come back to my desk and my claim has disappeared?

Please note that the system logs you out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you get disturbed while putting on your expenses claim please remember to save it as a draft or you will lose the whole claim.