New Supplier Request

Where the total value of a purchase falls between £5,000 and £50,000 (ex VAT) purchasers are required to obtain a minimum of 3 written quotes from relevant suppliers.

When the anticipated annual value for a particular commodity (ex VAT) is £50,000 or more, or when the value of an individual purchase is in excess of £50,000 (ex VAT) a formal tender exercise must be conducted, unless a sole supplier authorisation forma has been approved by the Director of Finance. All tenders must be done via the In-Tend electronic tendering system with the assistance of the Central Procurement Team.

Request type
Supplier details

How was the supplier sourced?

Failure to provide sufficient details relating to the nature of the purchase will result in a delay to the supplier set up.

Supply details

Has the supplier been used before?

Is the supplier to be used for a one-off purchase?

Has competition been sought for the goods/services required?

Has the supplier been provided with a copy of the University’s standard terms and conditions of purchase*?

* Prior to set up, the Supplier will be asked to indicate their acceptance of these terms

Prior to submitting a new supplier request, you are required to find out whether the supplier accepts payment by Purchasing Card. This is the University’s preferred method of payment (even when an additional charge is incurred in most cases) as it reduces administrative burden but also benefits the supplier who receives immediate payment.

Purchasing cards

Does the supplier accept Purchasing Cards?

Is there an additional charge for payment by Purchasing Card?

Does the supplier replace any existing suppliers for the goods/services required?

Is the supplier a member of staff, student or relative?

Your details

A new supplier request must be raised and approved prior to any purchase being made. Failure to adhere to this guidance will be considered as a breach of the University’s financial policy and procedures.

Following submission of this new supplier request, Procurement will review the details within 7 days. Failure to provide sufficient or correct information will result in set up being delayed.

The supplier will be contacted to provide BACS payment details and to indicate their acceptance of the University’s relevant standard terms and conditions.