IOSH Managing Safely

What is IOSH Managing Safely?

A nationally recognised certificated training course, developed and accredited by the Charted Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Who is the training aimed at?

Those managing and supervising people, equipment and facilities, and activities.

What does the training offer?

Equipping those attending with the necessary knowledge and understanding to take practical  and effective steps to manage the health and safety risks within their areas of responsibility through: -

  • Course material that's developed and updated by the Chartered body for health and safety professionals;
  • Training delivered through a high impact interactive package that's supported by a comprehensive delegate workbook;
  • Working with staff from other areas of the university, gaining an understanding of the health and safety risks encountered across the university, and sharing approaches to manage these risks; and
  • Validation of delegate assessments by the Charted body.

What's been the feedback from those who've completed the training?

  •  “It could have been very formal and dry but we had a great mix of informative instruction but with enough debate and participation to make it both fun and educational.”
  • “There was a good mix of taught material, interactive animations, discussions and ‘fun’ activities that broke up the modules so that they didn’t become boring at any time. In particular the discussions helped relate the material to the situations we face in our working environment.”
  • “Gaining thoughtful insight with regards to H&S subject matter allows one to reflect with ‘fresh eyes’. Listening and interacting with other staff from across the university allows one to appreciate different health and safety issues and how people address them.”
  • “It was good to carry out this course in-house with real issues discussed about the way health and safety is delivered locally. The pros and cons of managing these duties and to carry out risk control measures were of particular interest.”
  • “The course itself has been really helpful and has helped develop and sort out areas of health and safety relating to our work load and has expelled some myths.”

How is managing safely delivered?

The training package consists of: -

  • Seven topic-specific modules;
  • A multiple-choice assessment undertaken on completing the eight modules; and
  • A risk assessment-based assignment of the individual's working environment.

The minimum contact time (including the multiple choice assessment) is 24 hours.  The assignment must be submitted within two weeks of completing the multiple-choice assessment.

From the date of the first module delegates will have a maximum 6-month period to complete the training (including submission of the assignment).

The dates and times of individual modules and multiple-choice assessments are given in the programme, updated when further rounds of training are organised:

What are the seven modules and what do they cover?

Introducing managing safely

  • Moral, legal and financial reasons for managing safety
  • Impacts on employers, employees and their families, the wider-society

Understanding responsibilities

  • Statutory and common law duties of care
  • Application of health and safety criminal and civil laws

Understanding hazards

  • Common activity and working environment hazards
  • Addressing common hazards.

Assessing risks

  • What is risk and risk assessment
  • Risk assessment as a practical process

Controlling risks

  • Hierarchy of risk control and application of 'reasonably practicable'
  • Impact of human behaviour on effectiveness of risk controls

Investigating accidents and incidents

  • Immediate, underlying and root causes
  • Carrying out effective investigations

Measuring performance

  • Proactive and reactive indicators
  • Performance measurement as a tool for continual health and safety improvement


If you're interested in undertaking the training then please contact the Office of Health and Safety.