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Noise awareness and protecting our hearing


Work equipment, even our bones and muscles - when damaged and broken there is still a chance of repair.

What about our hearing? Unfortunately once damaged it cannot be repaired. It's not single exposures to excessively loud noises that are the most common causes. It's repeated exposures to lower, but still harmful, levels of noise that result in cumulative damage over several years.

Your hearing - once it's gone, it's gone. The impacts can be life, not just work, changing.

Hearing damage due to workplace noise exposures is preventable. The university AND you have roles to reduce the risks and protect YOUR hearing. The understanding gained from this resource will also apply to reducing those risks outside of work.

Training's aim

Secure understanding of how over-exposure to noise can cause hearing damage and the actions that can be taken to reduce the risks.

Training's content

Topics covered include: -

  • The importance of protecting our hearing;
  • Sound, noise and how we hear;
  • How noise adversely impacts on our hearing;
  • Legislation and responsibilities; and
  • Reducing the risks of damaging our hearing.

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