Safe use of ladders and step ladders - general awareness


Let's get one thing straight!  Health and safety legislation has not banned the use of ladders and step ladders.  Where the activity is short duration and light duty, working from ladder or step ladder is most likely to be the most practical and sensible approach providing the ladder or step ladder is used safely.

It is important however to remember that you don't have to fall from significant height to suffer serious injury.  More people are involved in major injury (e.g. broken limbs) incidents reported to the Health and Safety Executive that involve falling less than two metres rather than above this height.

This training will provide general awareness of the safe working practices associated with ladders and step ladders, particular attention drawn to the three key stages of: -

  • Pre-use checks;
  • Correct positioning and set up; and
  • Safe use.

It certain instances the training may need to be supplemented with more practical-based training around the specific ladders and step ladders within academic schools and support services, and the environments these will be used in.

Training's aim

To ensure and reinforce general awarerness of the safe working practices when using ladders and step ladders

Training's content

Topics covered include: -

  • Does less height mean much lesser risk?
  • Falls from height: real-life impacts;
  • The Work at Height regulations, employers and employee responsibilities;
  • Falls from ladders and step ladders - "the usual suspects"; and
  • Three key stages to being ladder safe: pre-use checks, correct positioning and set-up, and safe use.

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