Teaching Space Management

  • We ensure teaching space is used efficiently using information from Estates & Facilities, schools and the timetable.
  • Producing information for staff and students requirements regarding teaching facilities availability.
  • Adapting to last minute changes within the estate and recruitment of students.
  • Providing planning contingency information.

Site and Space Databases


The Site Database provides information for management planning and HESA returns.


The Space Database breaks down the Site Database information to floors and areas within floors.  This includes current use of the space as required by HESA.  The database is constantly being updated detailing changes as the space evolves in its use.

Space Utilisation

We produce reports for the Univertsity Management and HESA purposes on use of the estate.  The reports are based on data collected via the attendance monitoring system.

Space Data

Our space data is based on Computer Aided Drawings and information from schools and services.  The drawings and data are constantly being updated.

We produce monthly snapshots so we can monitor and report changes to the estate.