Simplifying change: case studies on how to embed employability and enterprise activities into assessment or teaching

There is increasing emphasis on enhancing students’ employment prospects from HEI, the University and the HBS. We as lecturers can support the human capital of our students by embedding employability and enterprise in our modules, teaching materials and assessment. This session will be interactive, and outcome driven. You will be asked to participate in debates and discussions to explore the meaning of employability v employment, career development v professional development , enterprise v entrepreneurship. Using a module of your choice you will be encouraged to reflect on the Graduate Attribute Framework mapping, learning outcome and assessment. There will be several tried and tested case studies shared showing you how easily employability and enterprise can be embedded into your module. What is better these case studies are ready to be used/adapted into your module. Leaving the session, you will have a better understanding of what employability and enterprise means in a teaching and learning context, you will have several ‘ready-to-go’ ways to embed employability and enterprise into your module, so don’t forget to bring a relevant module specification. In addition we hope you will develop some connections with colleagues in support services and academic team that could support you in the delivery of these sessions. NB: There is also a session running on the EMSI (Labour Market Data Base) which may be of interest to you. By using EMSI you can see what skills employers are looking for by searching for job postings by industry, job title or occupation.


Workshop Overview

Janna Wood, Jo Timmins, Leigh Morland