Integration With Microsoft Outlook

Overview of Features

  • Microsoft Lync integration with Outlook allows you to view the availability of your contacts via presence.
  • You can call or instant message a contact directly from Outlook with audio and video capabilities.
  • Integration with your Outlook calendar automatically updates your presence according to scheduled appointments and Out of Office settings.
  • Keep a record of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls and instant message conversations in Outlook.

Send an E-mail from an Instant Messaging Session

  • In an instant message, right-click the name of the participant you want to send an email to.
  • Click Send an E-mail Message.
  • The Outlook Message window appears with the contact you wish to message in the To field.


Send an Instant Message or Call a User from an E-mail

  • Open an e-mail from the contact you wish to Instant Message or Call.
  • Click IM or Call in the Respond section of the ribbon.

  • Alternatively, click the status indicator next to the contact’s name, and select whether you wish to Reply with Instant Message or Call that contact.
  • A Communicator instant message or call window will open depending on your selection.

Conversation History Folder

Microsoft Lync keeps a record of instant messaging sessions, phone calls and forwarded calls in a folder in Outlook called Conversation History. A record of missed calls, voice mail and missed conversations is saved to your Inbox.

Each item in the Conversation History folder contains:

  • Time and date of message
  • Conversation subject
  • Conversation body
  • Participant names
  • Direction of conversation (incoming or outgoing)

In addition, the Conversation History folder contains information about any conversations that included audio, and a complete record of all instant messaging conversations.

Find Previous Conversations

  • In Microsoft Lync, right-click the contact(s) whose conversations you wish to find.
  • Click Find Previous Conversations
  • All mail items saved in Outlook between you and the selected contact(s) are listed.