Privacy Relationships

Understand Presence & Privacy Relationships:

Your presence information includes your availability status (such as available or away), presence indicator (such as green, yellow, or red), schedule, location, and personal and out-of-office notes. The following table shows which presence information attributes are available for a given privacy relationship. Contacts with whom you have a Workgroup relationship are likely to be important. Only these contacts can interrupt you when you have set your status to Do Not Disturb.

 Note:  Non-buddies when in Enhanced Privacy Mode, and blocked contacts will see only your display name and email address


  • Presence information items with an asterisk (*) beside them indicates that if these attributes are defined in the company’s directory service, they are visible to all contacts in your organization, regardless of privacy relationship. They are also visible to external contacts outside your organization (if configured and recognized by your organization’s network).
  •  Presence information items with a pound sign (#) beside them are enabled by default.