Additional extensions, moves & changes

Requests for new extensions, moves to existing extensions or changes to your class of service must be authorised by a budget holder. Please contact Telephone Services with your requirements.

When requesting service please ensure that you quote the following information.

  • School or Service
  • Name of the extension user
  • Extension number (for moves & changes)
  • Room No (please include from & to for moves)
  • Socket No (please include from & to for moves)
  • Cost Centre (for new lines please include a cost centre for installation work and a cost centre for recurrent call costs)

We aim to complete requests for new lines and moves to existing lines within 3 working days subject to survey. Changes to class of service eg. changes to level of outside dialling access are usually completed on the day of request - changes involving large numbers of extensions may take up to 3 days to complete.

Costs for work are as follows:

New extension port: £45.00
Repatch an extension: Free of charge
Class of service changes: Free of charge

Handset Prices:

  • Analogue telephones
    • Standard handset (Model: 9330): £28.82
    • Standard handset (Model: 9333): £43.05
    • Hands free/Freestyle: £45.00
  • Digital telephones
    • Siemens Optipoint 500 Basic: £100.00

All the above prices exclude VAT.