Price List

Alpha Tag (Sender ID)

This is the heading text that appears at the top of an SMS Text message, which will identify your department. The alphatag can be a maximum of 11 characters. Special characters are not allowed except space and hyphen. The first character cannot be a number. When a Reply number is used the Alpha Tag is not displayed.

Price: £5 per month

Reply Number (Virtual Number)

A department may wish to be able to receive responses from its students. Messages can be transmitted to the handset with a virtual number that can be replied to. This allows the department to solicit information from the student. The response received can be directed to be delivered to the website used to send the message or an email address. For example might be a department sends a message requesting students to confirm their attendance of a particular function. The student can reply and the response will be delivered to the message sender via the website email. These reply numbers ate effectively another virtual mobile phone and are similar in length (11 digits)

Price: £10 per month


Messages sent and received are charged at the following rates. Messages sent to a landline number are delivered as a voice message. Computer software in BT converts the message from a text to voice.

Standard mobile delivery       Price 3.5p each

Landline deliver                      Price 6.5p each

Inbound message                    Price 1.5p each

Shortcode Shared

This five digit code can be used by organisations other thant the one in which you are operating. However you will receive inbound messages that are prefixed with the keyword that you have registered. These messages can be delivered to the website or a designated email address.

Example: Keyword BHAM has been registered to shortcode 81234 would be to text BHAM Hello world to 81234. The message Hello world be delivered to a departments website user account or designated email.

This product is provided with a single key word. On a shared shortcode some keywords may already be taken by another user of that shortcode.

Setup                                     Price: No charge

Monthly Maintenance            Price: £25.00 monthly