Incident reporting

Reporting an incident

Use the following link to access the university's web-based incident reporting system. Fields that have yellow backgrounds are mandatory.

If you are encountering an issue with reporting an incident through the system please notify in the first instance.

Incident reporting and follow up processes

Here's the link flowcharts showing how incidents reported through the web-based system are followed up and full closure brought to individual reports.

Zurich Municipal Insurance (ZMI) rehabilitation scheme

The scheme forms part of the university’s employer and public liability insurance policies. Three key benefits the scheme brings are: -

  • Increasing the speed at which injured employees and students can be brought back into their work and studies following work or study-related injury incidents;
  • Enhancing the university’s reputation amongst its employees and students; and
  • Reducing the likelihood of civil claims being brought against the university or, where such claims are brought, the scale of these.

Here's the link to a flowchart showing how the scheme works and includes supporting explanatory notes for each stage of the process.

Security-related incidents

Further information on the reporting of security-related incidents (e.g. theft, disorderly or threatening behaviour) can be found within the 'Security and car parking' section of the Estates and Facilities website.