Our university community is one where our people, their engagement and wellbeing are key. Hybrid working allows Professional Support Services colleagues the opportunity, where the needs of the business and their role allows, to informally agree with their managers where and when they work within our University Principles whilst still ensuring the campus remains a vibrant community for all and students and business needs are met.

You are able to download the documents below to learn more about the University's Hybrid Working Framework.

Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working Documents

Hybrid Working Framework

For further information you can download the hybrid working framework. 

Hybrid Working Managers Toolkit

The managers toolkit outlines the considerations that managers should be aware of when discussing hybrid working with staff. 

Hybrid Working FAQs

This document answers some frequently asked questions regarding the hybrid working framework.

Hybrid Working Pilot Outcome

This document provides summary feedback from Schools and Services from the hybrid working pilot.