Inspiring Leaders Programme (Part 1)

Who is this course aimed at?

All University Staff

What is this course about?

This vibrant leadership programme is for anyone wishing to amplify their leadership strengths, and to discover who you are and what you stand for. You will be able to identify your unique leadership talents through self-assessments and diagnostics, unleashing your leadership potential. you will also be able to craft long-lasting connections which inspire and motivate others, discovering practical ideas, tools and techniques which are vital to your leadership success. This course is by application - please contact for more information.

At the heart of Inspiring Leaders in Huddersfield is a set of values that we strive to achieve:
* To respect and care for others and ourselves;
* To be open to learning;
* To make a significant contribution to the leadership community, through participation and sharing.

Booking info:

There are currently no planned events for this course, but you can add yourself to waiting list using the "Book your place" button above.

Don't have access to MyHR?

If you do not have access to MyHR (i.e. you may be an Affiliate) please email confirming your full name, the name of the course you would like to attend (and date of course if applicable) and the School/Service that you work for.

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