What is AV?

AV stands for Audio Visual.  It is the provision of equipment which allows people to communicate an idea effectively.  This can be TV screens, projectors, speakers, microphones, video recordings and so on.

The Central AV team is responsible for making sure that the technical equipment in the centrally pooled rooms is working sufficiently for teaching and learning to take place.  If you find that there is a problem in one of the pooled rooms, please email cls.avsupport@hud.ac.uk or call 01484 473737 for assistance.

The Central AV team also support University events providing screens, portable PA equipment and laptops when required.

What does the AV & Events team do?

The Central AV & Events team is responsible for the audio-visual equipment located in centrally pooled rooms. This includes the design of the AV solution, managing installation, maintenance, repairs and callouts. If you find a problem while using one of our pooled rooms, please call 01484 473737 for immediate assistance. You can also contact us via email cls.avsupport@hud.ac.uk (please note this email address isn’t continually monitored and there may be a delay responding) or report faults via HudHelp.

The Central AV team also supports University events in centrally supported spaces and VIP events. This includes setting up setting up mobile displays, PA systems, lighting and specialist audio equipment. In the past we have supported events such as Graduation, Global Fashion show, Food and Culture Festival, SU elections, public lectures and much more.

VIP dinner graduation round table discussion


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