Who To Contact

Please use the tabs below to find the contact details of the IT Purchasing, Mobile Requests & Telephone Services teams:

  • The IT Purchasing & Mobile Requests teams are now situated within 2nd Line IT Services.
  • Telephone Service enquiries have been moved to the Customer Services & IT Support team.
  • The Telephone Service engineers are now part of the Networks team.

For all orders and quotes you will be emailed a Topdesk reference number. Please use this number for all correspondence concerning the quote or order. This applies to all IT Purchasing, Mobile Requests & Telephone Service enquiries & orders.

Comments & Feedback

In Computing & Library Services we are committed to providing you with excellent service so we invite you to submit comments & feedback to help us improve what we do.

Should the IT Purchasing, IT Deployment, Mobile Requests teams not provide the high level of service you expect then (in the first instance) please contact Anwar Hussain who is the Desktop Support & IT Purchasing Manager.

If you would like to take up any matter you think is unsatisfactory about the service you received from us, please refer to the CLS Complaints Procedure.

We promise that we will deal with your comment or complaint as quickly as possibly, in confidence, keep you update & look at the pattern of complaints to identify areas where we need to improve.

IT Purchasing (Hardware, Software & Mobile Phones)

The IT Purchasing Team Contact Details are below:



Telephone Services (Telephones, UM & Voicemail, Contacts Directory)

Telephone Services's contact details are below:

The Customer Services team will deal with your query and then assign a Telephone engineer if needed.