Academic Integrity

All students taught at the University must complete the Academic Integrity Module on Brightspace at the beginning of every academic year. Each School has its own instance of the module to which all students within that School are attached.

This is designed as a stand-alone resource, which students can complete in their own time, though there is evidence to suggest that it has more impact when it is introduced to students during a taught session, with opportunities to discuss the ideas and dilemmas posed. 

Students must pass a quiz to show that they have read and understood our regulations on Academic Misconduct but can take as many attempts as they wish to complete it.

We have also produced a series of resources for staff and for students to help manage the proliferation of Generative Artificial Intelligence tools by providing guidance and introducing policies to help ensure that everybody understands the boundaries of acceptable usage of AI and that this is communicated in assessment briefs, and to guide colleagues on developing assessment strategies which are designed to reduce the opportunities for academic misconduct.

For further information please contact Amanda Tinker.