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The Global Professional Award (GPA) is a three-year programme in which undergraduate students develop key capabilities related to employability, wellbeing and enterprise. The Award aims to better equip students for success at university, but also post-graduation in whatever paths they choose to take. The GPA has level 5 accreditation with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), meaning students graduate with an additional internationally recognised professional qualification. 

Watch the Introduction to Global Professional Award video.
The Award has three areas of focus:

  1. Employability and Enterprise – Understanding your own aspirations and ambitions and how to turn these into a reality is a powerful tool when it comes to getting a job after you graduate. The Award takes you through proven exercises to boost your knowledge.
  2. Wellbeing – Going to university can be a transformative experience, but it can also be a little scary. The Award gives you the time and support to reflect and transform, from meeting and developing relationships with new people to mental strength and resilience.
  3. Global Citizenship Skills – The modern, global world may seem a little daunting. The Award will give you new viewpoints to consider and perhaps challenge your current perceptions of the world and how you can have an impact in the future.

Completing the Award will support you to transform into a highly employable graduate who is:

  • Self-motivated
  • Enterprising
  • Resilient
  • Able to collaborate with others
  • A confident leader
  • Globally and socially aware

It is managed by a specialist team up staff who run GPA sessions both face to face and in on-line environments, and who also manage student assessment. The GPA programme is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, and students who complete the GPA are also awarded a CMI level 5 qualification. Examples of GPA content include career management, understanding global issues, looking after our physical and mental well-beingnetworking and volunteering.  

GPA project lead is Jane Owen Lynch:

GPA Manager James Forde: 

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