Personal Academic Tutors (PAT) Module

This module enables communication with your tutees, secure storage of tutorial records, and efficient booking processes for tutorials. You are the tutor in this module and all of your tutees across all years of study are attached as students.

It is unlike normal modules in that there is no expectation that you will upload or edit any materials, though you can add resources for your students if you want to.

There are no assignments for students to complete, but you need to use the Grades tool to monitor tutorial attendance and to feedback agreed targets to students through the Gradebook, as well as storing private comments there for your own use if needed. You'll keep this same copy of your module from year to year, and students will move through it, so that you can build and retrieve these notes over their whole course of study. Records stored under Grades will be retrievably archived when students graduate.

We've included guidance on how to use this module, as well as further information about the nature of the role, how to develop your personal tutoring expertise, and how to refer students to Student Services within the module itself. These PAT guidance resources are for you and are not visible to your students.

For more information visit iPark PAT modules resources including FAQ.

For further information please contact Ruth Stoker.