Starting University

The University of Huddersfield continues to promote their academic community approach to welcome their new students, rejecting traditional induction techniques.

Also available:
 - Ready, Steady, Research (Post graduate Researchers);
 - Ready, Steady, Learn (Apprentices);
 - Ready, Steady, Study (Distance Learning) 

Before students arrive on campus and complete enrolment, these magazine-style online resources give information and insight to the range of support available whilst studying at Huddersfield. They include advice on what to get ready, journey planning, finding buildings and rooms, some important people students will meet, library and IT resources, campus life, safety and wellbeing, careers, employment and enterprise opportunities, and study tips. New students are directed from the pre-portal to the resource, which is hosted on the University web. 

This resource is updated for September and January starters each year by a working group from library services, academics, Student services and the Students' Union. 

For further information, please contact Jane Wormald.


Once enrolled at Huddersfield all students (and staff) have access to the online Huddersfield Essentials resource on Brightspace that includes detailed information on University life, such as the Students’ Union, health and wellbeing, careers, campus life, how to get online, learning online and on-campus and study essentials such as library facilities, academic support and student services.

Post Graduate Researchers are attached their own PGR sections.

The first section 'Getting Started' is an introduction to university life and includes a useful 'IT Essentials' section that tutors can direct students to very early in the term. 

Other sections in 'Study Essentials' and ‘University life and services' are also intended for students to self-access, but also be directed to by tutors at appropriate points for their introduction and beyond through the first term. Many of the sections could be used to support activities during Flying Start. 

This resource is updated for September and January starters each year by a working group of academic librarians, academics, Student services and the Students' Union.

For further information, please contact Jane Wormald.


  • Flying Start and Inductions

Flying Start provides an immersive, educational experience for new first year undergraduate students in the first weeks of the academic year; it is active, engaging and subject specific. It builds on existing research which identifies social and academic engagement between peers and with staff as significant for retention, achievement and belonging.

Flying Start is less about provision of practical information, rules and regulations, which are often central to the induction week, but integrates subject excitement with active tasks to encourage the early development of an academic community and a model for embedding study patterns early. Key principles include stimulating excitement about the subject, developing relationships with academics and peers to produce a sense of academic community, encouraging students to work with new people, developing habits of full-time study. 

For further information about Flying Start, please click this link to the iPark page.
For further information, please contact Jane Wormald.