Reporting Faults

All faults involving telephones should be reported to Telephone Services. Contact details are on the Who To Contact page

Please be aware that all handsets are the property of your School/Department, replacement handsets will be charged for.

Before reporting a telephone fault please try another handset in the socket to ensure that the fault is not with the handset itself, this will save time and the expense of sending an engineer out - if all that is required is a replacement handset.

Please also check that call forwarding is not in operation, if on picking up the handset you hear the engaged tone then a call forward is active on the telephone - to cancel press Recall #4 (for analogue handsets) or #4 (on digital handsets).

It is imperative that you replace an analogue telephone with another analogue, and a digital telephone with another digital. You will not harm the system, or your equipment, by making a mistake - but your telephone will not work if connected to an incorrectly configured socket.