NDA Pledge


The University of Huddersfield is supportive of the campaign to not use non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence complainants in sexual misconduct cases and has signed the Can't Buy My Silence Universities NDA Pledge List

We are committed to not using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to prevent individuals from reporting sexual abuse, bullying, harassment and violence and we will not use them for these purposes.  We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our staff and students and condemn all forms of sexual abuse, bullying, harassment and violence - supporting individuals is a priority for us.  


About Share and Support


Share and Support is the University of Huddersfield's dedicated online reporting tool. The service provides students, staff and visitors to campus the opportunity to report incidents of hate crimes, bullying, harassment, sexual violence and further anti-social behaviour, in a safe, specialist and supportive environment. The reporting tool also encourages people to report incidents they have witnessed.

Making a report

Share and Support gives you two reporting options; one in which you provide your details, and one in which you can remain anonymous. If you choose to provide your details, we can then offer further options including signposting, processing your experience with the police, or starting a formal investigation within the University. If you choose to remain anonymous, we are limited in our capacity to progress your experience.



Further Information and Support

Bullying and Harassment

There are many forms of bullying and harassment and lots of support services that can help victims.

Hate Crime and Hate Incidents

Find out what a hate crime is and the support you can access. 

Sexual Misconduct

Discover what sexual misconduct is, your reporting options and the support available.


Discrimination can be direct and indirect. Discover the definition of each and find out how we can help.

Emergency Contacts

If you are in danger or need instant, contact one of our recommended emergency contacts. 

Wellbeing Confidential Support

Staff Wellbeing Confidential Support provides practical mental health support for all staff at the University.