Electronic Annual Leave Booking

In September, HR introduced a new system for booking annual leave.  Annual leave is now booked via our Self Service portal MyHR and replaces the previous paper based system.  This new system simplifies the process and the member of staff is updated by email once their request has been approved.

HR Offices Refurbishment

In September, the HR offices re-opened after undergoing an extensive refurbishment.  This refurbishment has created a new modern waiting and reception area and added 2 new interview rooms and test room with improved facilities situated outside of the main HR office. This refurbishment will benefit existing and prospective employees.

Occupational Health Office Improvement

An additional consultation room has been built into the Occupational Health Department to provide more space for Occupational Health Assessments and Staff Counselling. This will enable the Occupational Department to increase the resources provided to staff in more suitable surroundings.

Occupational Health Student Pre-training Clearance Process changes

Occupational Health now offer an online health assessment for pre-training assessments which will reduce the wait time for student health clearances and create a more streamlined professional service as well as a paperless environmentally friendly approach to administration.

iTrent and MyHR user Guidance Videos

We have recently added several new features in to MyHR and iTrent which has resulted in people using these systems more often.  To make this easier we have produced a series of short videos that detail the steps to complete the most frequently used features.  This means that if a user is unsure how to complete a task, they can now quickly watch the video and see an example rather than referring the existing user guidance documents.

MyHR News

We have added a news carousel to the MyHR home page. This will be used to communicate new information from Human Resources.  This means that we are now able to share any new information to employees without them needing to visit the Human Resources “Latest News” page as they will now see this when they sign in to MyHR.  We have also provided a link to the user guidance pages and videos to this in order to make these videos easier to find.

LearnUpon Single Sign On

We have added Single Sign On (SSO) to LearnUpon (our eLearning platform).  While users can continue to sign in to LearnUpon using the existing login details that they set up when they first activated their accounts, they will also now have the option to sign in using the same AD account that they use when signing in to other University systems.

Online Recruitment Website

We have updated our online recruitment webpage to make the job search and application forms look much more modern.  This update also improves how compatible the site is for users with disabilities such as visual impairments.  The update also adds the ability to share a vacancy via social media such as Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin quickly from within the job advert.  We have also added the ability to set up job alerts based on Job title, Salary band or job category.

Staff Handbook

Prior to January 2020, our Staff Handbook took the form of a webpage with a series of links to different topics. We have now compiled this into one PDF handbook which contains everything in one place. In addition, we have made the handbook even more user friendly by allowing the user to click direct to the information they need from the contents section of the handbook.


Our A-Z is one of the most popular tools on our HR webpages and allows users to look for specific information under the A-Z headings. In January 2020 we completed a full review of the A-Z, removing links that were no longer used and reorganising the pages to flow better. We also added in a series of links following recommendations from customers. Overall this has enabled customers to quickly and easily find the information they need.

Part Time Hourly Paid Pool System Updates

The Pool system has been updated so that schedules of work can be sent via email directly from the Pool system. This means that the time taken and admin burden to send schedule information to a member of the Pool has dramatically reduced and should mean schedules are accepted quicker, resulting in the chances of missing a cut-off date (and therefore payment being delayed) being reduced.

HR will also email the School directly from the Pool once a member of the Pool has been activated. Previously this was not communicated to Schools, but now they will know the instant that additional schedules of work can be raised resulting in schedules being entered in a more timely manner. This also reduces the likelihood of cut-off dates being missed has been reduced.