Application Forms

Following a review of our application forms we have released an updated version which aims to make the process of completing an application easier.  These changes include changes to the structure and wording of some sections of the form to make it more intuitive.  We also removed sections that were no longer required, such as references, as this information can be collected after an offer of employment has been made.


Highfive is an exciting new way to recognise colleagues’ hard work, achievements, and milestones, via an easy-to-use smartphone application.

This exciting system is a great way to boost your colleagues’ morale and ensure their hard work is acknowledged in a meaningful way. Noticed someone going the extra mile in the workplace? Want to show you’re aware of a pending deadline and appreciate all the hard work preparing for it? Celebrate it with a message via Highfive!

Website Redesign

The website for the Human Resources Group has received a significant re-design.  This updated website is now much more modern with bespoke images.  During this process, the structure of the previous website was assessed and found that it could be difficult to find some information.  The new website has been restructured, with the intention that users should be able to navigate the website and find what they were looking for with the minimal number of mouse clicks.  A search feature has also been introduced on the Forms section of the website, making it easier to find specific forms if you are unsure what section it could be in.

MyHR Upgrade

The appearance of the MyHR system has received a significant upgrade resulting in a much more modern looking and feeling user experience.  This upgrade includes the addition of a new dashboard feature which provides quick access to commonly used features such as viewing/downloading your most recent payslips and booking annual leave.

Leaver Questionnaire

Our leaver questionnaire has been expanded so that a wider group of leavers will now be asked to complete the survey.  This was previously sent out to staff that had resigned but will now also be sent to staff leaving for other reasons.  The feedback generated from this will allow us to develop a better understanding of how staff have viewed their time at the University, as well as allowing us to identify any areas where improvements could be made to improve the experience of working at the University. 

Right to Work Checks Guidance

Following feedback from colleagues we have produced a guidance document for right to work checks.  This guidance not only provides step by step instructions for conducting right to work checks but also helps the University to stay compliant.

We have streamlined the process by removing the need to complete the lengthy right to work checklist.  Instead, after checking the documentation, a simple declaration needs to be added to each copy taken.