What are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are government backed (funded) programmes. The aims of apprenticeships is to combine academic theory with practical experience in order to develop the talent and specialist skills needed to help the UK economy thrive. 


How can I check if I am eligible for apprenticeship levy funding?

Any staff member wishing to complete a programme of study funded through the apprenticeship levy must first check they are eligible. To check you are eligible for funding please complete the Apprenticeship Levy Funding Application Form or contact HR People and Organisation Development via email: people@hud.ac.uk. Funding considerations include how the programme could enhance your current role and what benefit will your participation could bring to the University. 

What counts as off-the-job training?

Details of how University staff on apprenticeship programmes and training providers should meet the 20% off-the-job training requirement for apprentices can be found below.

Apprenticeships: off-the-job training

Apprenticeship Service Webinars 


Apprenticeships, what are you looking for?

More information about the types of apprenticeships available can be found on the Amazing Apprenticeships webpages

UoH Apprenticeships Podcast - FAQs for Staff and Line Managers

Hear Danny, Vicky and Brian discuss the apprenticeship levy and apprenticeship learning at the University.

Huddersfield Business School


Senior Leader Higher Apprenticeship (Level 7)

Aimed at anyone with senior leadership responsibility looking to implement business strategy and improve their managerial skills.


Professional Manager Apprenticeship (Level 5)

Aimed at anyone in a managerial role or developing into one who wants to learn how to manage themselves, others and projects.

Apprenticeship Course Overview

Course Leaders for the Apprenticeships talk us through the course content, how you'll be taught, and the benefits for both the employee and employer.

Interested? Please get in contact …

If you would like to know more about the apprenticeship levy and eligibility for funding, please email: people@hud.ac.uk


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