What is DSE?

DSE stands for 'Display Screen Equipment'. This normally is in the context of using computer equipment in the course of your employment either at your main place of work, at alternative university locations or working at home, with the agreement of your manager. 

Am I classed as a DSE user?

In accordance with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, employees who use DSE daily, for continuous periods of an hour or more described as 'DSE users'.

As a DSE user what do I need to be aware of?

As a DSE User and University Employee at the outset of employment we recommend you complete the DSE online training via your LearnUpon account.

You are also required to undertake a DSE assessment at the outset of employment using the DSE Self Assessment form . This should be repeated upon any changes of work location, and again at 2 year intervals. 

If you work in other locations on a regular basis, including your home, additional self-assessments should be undertaken. If you use a laptop computer either all of the time or for spells of work of over 60 minutes per day the same self-assessment should be undertaken using the DSE Self Assessment form.

I am completing my Self Assessment and need some guidance, who do I ask?

Whilst completing the self assessment you may find that you need some guidance / assistance, or you may have completed your self assessment and it has raised some issues that need resolving. In this instance you would contact one of the University DSE Assessor's.

If your service does not have a DSE assessor or you have any difficulty in contacting an assessor in your area please do get in touch with the Occupational Health team by email occupational.health@hud.ac.uk or telephone on 01484 471800.

Where a DSE assessor required further assistance they may refer ask your line manager to refer you through to the Occupational Health team for a further assessment and advice. 

University of Huddersfield in collaboration with Valli Opticians 

Free sight test for DSE users

You are entitled to a free sight test, the University's on campus optician, Valli provides these for University employees.

To obtain a free sight test voucher please complete the Eye voucher request form and email this onto occupational.health@hud.ac.uk.

The team will send you a voucher via email to your employee email account. You can then make an appointment at any Valli opticians branch. All staff that are seen via the DSE free sight test voucher scheme will be seen by a qualified optician.

Glasses for DSE work

Employers only have to pay towards glasses for DSE work if the test shows an employee needs special glasses prescribed for the distance the screen is viewed at. If an ordinary prescription is suitable, employers do not have to pay for glasses. Your optician can advise you once they have completed the examination. 

University Employee Discount

Valli opticians are offering all students and staff 20% off spectacles and 10% off contact lenses.  Please bring your ID with you to qualify for the discounts (T&Cs apply). To enquire about this offer please contact the campus branch Tel: 01484 471520 or visit in person on the ground floor of the Joseph Priestley Building.

University Valli Opticians

University Valli Opticians is a unique enterprise collaboration, thought to be the first of its type in optometry education in the UK. A primary purpose is to offer optometry students at Huddersfield an unparalleled experience in their clinical development.  Students studying on the optometry programme at the University will gain real world experience working in the clinic whilst being supervised by experienced members of staff throughout.

All students and staff get 20% off spectacles and 10% off contact lenses.  Please bring your ID with you to qualify for the discounts (T&Cs apply).

To contact the campus branch please call Tel: 01484 471520 or visit in person on the ground floor of the Joseph Priestley Building.

Please use the link here to arrange an appointment: Book Appointment 




DSE Assessor Role

DSE Assessor Role

Further information about the role of a DSE Assessor

Eye sight test voucher form

Please use the link to access the form to request a free employee DSE sight test.

DSE Self Assessment Form

Please click here to access the DSE Self assessment form 

DSE Guidance

Please click below to access the DSE Guidance document

University DSE Assessors

Please click through here for a list of University DSE Assessors.

DSE Online Training

Please use the link here through to Unilearn to access the online DSE training.