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Display Screen Equipment (DSE)


What is DSE and what do I need to be aware of?

DSE stands for 'Display Screen Equipment'. This normally is in the context of using computer equipment in the course of your employment either at your main place of work, at alternative university locations or working at home, with the agreement of your manager. 

The university has a Display Screen Equipment Policy.

University DSE Awareness Training is recommended for all members of staff who work with computers.  This is now delivered as a PowerPoint DSE presentation.  On completion of the course you are asked to undertake a short test of your knowledge which also serves as a record of completion of the training. Following this you are asked to undertake a DSE Self Assessment form which you should then supply to your manager, who is responsible for the purchase of any associated equipment required to assist you in working at a computer. If you answer 'No' to any questions on the Self Assessment form and cannot make adjustments yourself to rectify the issue, you should contact the DSE Assessor for your School or service.

More information and relevant forms to use in these processes can be found below:

DSE Assessors role

DSE Assessor form (to be used by DSE assessors)

Eye voucher request form

List of current DSE Assessors

Who should undertake a self-assessment & how often?

At the outset of employment, all employees who work with computer equipment for more than 60 minutes per day should undertake an assessment using the DSE Self Assessment form. On change of work location this should be repeated, and again at 2 year intervals.  If you work in other locations on a regular basis, including your home, additional self-assessments should be undertaken. If you use a laptop computer either all of the time or for spells of work of over 60 minutes per day the same self-assessment should be undertaken using the DSE Self Assessment form.

What do I do if I cannot resolve problems identified on the self-assessment form?

If, with your manager, you are unable to easily resolve problems identified in your self-assessment the trained DSE Assessor for your area will assist. Most schools and services have ‌DSE Assessors whom you should contact directly for advice before involving the Occupational Health Department.  If your service does not have an assessor please contact Occupational Health.

If you have a health problem which is impacting on DSE work, your DSE assessor may ask your manager to refer you to occupational health for further assessment.

How does an employee qualify for an eye test voucher?

Your manager needs to decide whether you are a DSE User as defined in the policy. Further info is located in the Display Screen Equipment Policy.

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