The Digital Purchasing Team is responsible for handling the orders for new technology equipment. We manage the procurement process - including vendor selection, pricing negotiations and order processing. This process is designed to make it easy for the University staff members to request and receive the technology they need to perform their roles effectively. It also ensures that the equipment is properly set up and configured for immediate use, reducing downtime and the need for technical assistance.

Self-Service Portal (SSP):  A platform where authorised staff members can request new IT equipment. It serves as a self-service interface for placing orders. Staff members who have access to the SSP can independently request new equipment through the portal. If a staff member doesn't have access to the SSP, they contact the schools technicians, school finance team or IT support. Follow the link for the SSP to request any equipment or software: TopDesk- SSP

IT Equipment Range: include desktop PCs, monitors, laptops, and mobile phones. These are some of the common types of digital technology that staff can request.

Deployment and Setup: There is a dedicated team responsible for deploying new equipment. This team ensures that the newly acquired equipment is set up and configured for first-time use. This includes creating login profiles, transferring email accounts, configuring printers, and migrating data.

Who to Contact: If staff members have any questions or concerns regarding the equipment purchasing process or are unsure about what they need, they can select the link "Contact us” where you can find contact information for the relevant personnel or department.


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Laptops and Tablets

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