The Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Framework 2020 - 2025 sets out the vision, objectives and strategy for equality, diversity and inclusion at the University of Huddersfield.



The University of Huddersfield is committed to providing an inclusive learning and working environment in a culture of mutual respect and dignity, where all staff and students are valued for their contribution and able to reach their full potential.



Learning for All

  • The Teaching and Learning Strategy and associated projects aim to develop an inclusive approach which enables students to learn, develop and achieve their full potential.
  • Develop a community of students and staff which values equality, diversity and inclusivity through training, personal development and support.
  • Develop life skills of students and staff by working collaboratively in a diverse and inclusive University community.

Voice for All

  • Students and staff able to inform decision makers on any matters/issues relating to equality, diversity and inclusivity.
  • University leaders promote equality, diversity and inclusivity through individual action, two-way communication, active listening and developing a supportive and collaborative culture.




Community for All

  • Embed the principles of equality, diversity and inclusivity into the University‚Äôs culture, practices, plans, policies and procedures.
  • Promote and celebrate equality, diversity and inclusivity across the University community.
  • Deliver support mechanisms to build and maintain an inclusive community.
  • Take individual responsibility to develop an inclusive community.

Facilities and Access for All

  • Develop and maintain an inclusive and accessible, physical and digital learning and working environment for all students and staff.



University Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Enhancement Committee (UEDIEC) 

The Committee shall meet as and when required, but normally a minimum of three times per year, and shall report to the Senior Leadership Team with business referred to or from UTLC, UIC, URC or Senate as appropriate.

University Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Terms of Reference - September 23

Next committee date:  1 May 2024 


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