Payroll Notifications

A news item is now added to the home page of MyHR informing staff when a new payslip is available.  This news item is added once payroll has been completed and contains a link to the latest payslip as well as a confirmation of when payday will be for that month.  This is particularly useful on months where the payday will not fall on the 21st of the month due to weekends or bank holidays.   

Payslip/P45 Emails

Staff can now update their email preferences in MyHR so new payslips are automatically emailed to them when they are issued.  Guidance on how to do this is provided in the MyHR userguide (Page 35).  Staff who will be leaving the University are also advised by the Human Resources team that they can update their email preferences so that their P45 is automatically emailed to them after they have left.

People Manager Guidance Videos

In response to receiving several queries, we have produced a new guidance video for people managers which specifically addresses adding a non-working period for an employee who does not work 52 weeks of the year.  This was previously covered in the general "Adding a working Pattern" video, but the new video provides more clarity and should make it easier for people managers to add a non-working period.  This video is available on our People Manager user guidance page.

Payroll Induction (Pensions)

Following feedback from new members of staff the payroll team have updated the induction process to provide more clarity surrounding transferring any previous eligible pension schemes into West Yorkshire Pension Fund ( WYPF ) and Teachers Pension Scheme ( TPS ).  This includes a follow up email which is sent to all new starters which Includes a link which takes them directly to the relevant transfer form.  This ensures that new employees have the relevant information and makes it as easy as possible for them to consolidate an eligible pension with their University pension scheme.

Recruitment and Monitoring

Following feedback from our recruiting managers and other colleagues involved with the recruitment and selection process, we now provide the vacancy’s unique reference number at an earlier stage in the process to the monitoring contact within the School/Service.  This has enabled them to keep track of their vacancies and manage their side of the process more efficiently.  The feedback we have received from colleagues involved since this change has been positive.

Internal Applications

In order to improve the user and customer experience for current staff that would like to apply for a new position at the University, we have developed new internal application forms and also allow staff to sign into the recruitment website using the same login details as they would use to sign in to MyHR.  These application forms are shorter than standard application forms and pre-populates several key fields where HR already holds this information such as qualifications and employment history.  This improvement means that existing staff can apply for position much more quickly as they no longer need to register a new user account and can just update/amend their details as required.