Reception Desk

Human Resources have implemented a rota, ensuring that our reception desk is staffed at all times. This means that there is a friendly face ready to welcome and assist anybody attending HR without them needing to notify a member of staff of their presence by ringing the bell. 

Human Resources Team

The Human Resources team has been re-organised into two main work areas, one focussing on the recruitment process and onboarding of new staff (Recruitment and Selection), the other focusing on supporting both existing members of staff and line managers on any employee relations matters (HR Operations). The members of both teams are clearly displayed on the contact us section of the HR website. This more focussed way of working is intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR team and make it easier to identify who members of staff should contact for assistance.

Updated Application Forms

Our application forms have been updated following a review of feedback received from applicants. The changes made include the addition of a guidance document for applicants, advising how to complete a supporting statement, focusing on demonstrating the essential criteria for the post they are applying for.

We also took this opportunity to review some of the wording in other sections of the form to make the form more user-friendly.

Our email template for applicants who were not shortlisted has also been updated to inform current students or recent graduates of the University that they are able to seek assistance with future applications from the Careers and Employability Service within Student Services.

Course Catalogue for Optional E-Learning Courses

We have introduced a vastly expanded selection of optional training courses that are delivered via our eLearning platform LearnUpon.  While staff are automatically enrolled on to any mandatory courses in LearnUpon, staff are now able to browse the course catalogue and enrol themselves on to any course at any time.  Staff are also able to re-enrol themselves on to any mandatory courses at any time if they wish to re-take a course before the refresher period is due.

My Learning Added to MyHR

MyHR has been updated to include new functionality adding the “My Learning” section.  This new section of MyHR allows staff to:

  • View their learning history at the University.
  • View the courses that are delivered by the People and Organisational Development (POD) team, including any upcoming sessions.
  • Book on to an available course.
  • Cancel a booking.
  • Join a waiting list for a course they would like to attend.
  • Add a Personal Learning Event (e.g. external training not delivered by the POD team)

The above can all be done without needing to contact the POD team directly.

This new functionality has also added the “Talent Profile” where staff can view their formal qualifications (GCSE Degree/PhD etc) and memberships of professional bodies that the HR department have on record for them.  This allows them to ensure that their record is kept up to date, as they can contact HR to have any new qualifications/professional body memberships added to their profile.

iTrent New Look

iTrent has been updated with a new more modern appearance for line managers and absence administrators.  As part of this update, the People manager and Absence administrator user guides were updated to reflect the changes and the user guidance videos were updated.  The guidance videos been improved as these now include spoken guidance rather then on screen text.  Closed Captions have also been included for those that want to use them.

International Experience

As part of the University’s strategy to increase to increase our global presence, staff are encouraged to gain experience working with the global academic community.  We have implemented a system that allows staff to record any international experience with HR, be that work that they have completed overseas or project collaboration with international partners.  This allows staff to be confident that they are demonstrating their contributions to the University’s goals, and also allows the University to accurately measure the KPI which aims for 35% of our academic staff to have international experience.  They can review and update this at any time, without needing to contact HR to do this for them.

Changes to TB / T Spot / QuantiFERON testing

The Occupational Health team have sought to improve the service provided students studying on a heath care subject that requires that they undergo TSPOT/TB testing as part of their course.

A new local provider has been sourced, who is able to offer a more flexible service.

Previously students would need to attend a standalone clinic which would require an additional appointment and which was not flexible, only able to run up to 2pm due to laboratory restrictions.

This is service can now be provided alongside regular appointments, meaning students do not need to arrange a separate appointment and can attend in any of our clinics.