An encounter with team-based learning

Objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Introduce team-based learning to those who don’t know much about it
  • Provide an experience of teams-based learning within the workshop
  • Offer a short reflection on what’s worked well and not so well at the end of a first attempt at teaching a Year 2 research methods module by team-based learning

The workshop includes: an introduction to team-based learning, including theoretical advantages and disadvantages (Sweet, M. and Michaelsen, L. (2012). Team-based learning in the social sciences and humanities: group work that works to generate critical thinking and engagement. Stylus Publishing).
A live example of a team-based learning session, based around something common to all (e.g., the University’s Teaching and Learning Strategy). Some reading material is available ahead of the session. The session itself would consist of an individual readiness assurance test, a team readiness assurance test and an appeal process to give participants a feel for how a session is run. The outline of a follow-on team application activity would be suggested.
Desired outcomes from the workshop:

  • More University of Huddersfield teaching staff aware of team-based learning (TBL), its potential advantages and disadvantages
  • Putting those using TBL in touch with each other, possibly forming a support network within the University
  • Possibly have some others trying TBL after looking into it further, following the workshop


Workshop Overview

Sue Richardson, Dennis Duty, Hang Nguyen and Rabake Nana