Bringing students into transformational relations to knowledge


Bringing students into transformational relations to knowledge - insights and approaches


Ashwin (2020) argues that the primary educational purpose of an undergraduate degree is to bring students into a transformational relation to knowledge. He further suggests that such a transformation can change a student’s view of the world and enhance their perception of what they can do in it (Ashwin, 2020). This workshop will examine a number of ways in which we can help students to develop a transformational relation to knowledge by drawing upon a number of case studies and pedagogic theory. Actional insights and practical approaches will be elucidated by exploring a range of situated and pedagogically underpinned e-learning activities, including screencasts and structured reading assignments. It will be shown how these activities can be leveraged to make knowledge accessible and promote meaningful engagement with course content. Within the workshop, you will have opportunity to consider and reflect upon these insights and approaches in relation to your own practice through a series of discussion groups.

Ashwin, P. (2020). Transforming university education: A manifesto. Bloomsbury Publishing.


Daniel Belton