Deconstructing Generic Assessment Criteria: Reconstructing Generic Learning Criteria

This workshop emerges from a project in the School of Human and Health Sciences where colleagues from diverse disciplines collaborated to evaluate our current generic assessment criteria and produce a framework which is more student facing. We found that the interdisciplinary nature of the team forced us to examine the meaning and application of criteria in different ways which was facilitative of better teaching and learning practice. The workshop aims to reproduce this process and to examine the purpose of and practices around the use of generic assessment criteria and to use collaborative methods to enable the deconstruction of existing criteria and a concomitant reconstruction. The workshop will be divided into three sections with associated activity. The first section will present examples of criteria from across the sector and ask participants to evaluate them. From this the whole group will identity the purpose of generic criteria. In the second section participants will be asked to explore the underpinning meanings of criteria which will enable the co-production of definitions meaningful to students and staff. The final section will invite participants to brainstorm ideas for using the criteria to enable learning in students and professional development in staff.


Jane Tobbell, Vikki Barry, Karen Blake, Paul Dagg, Daniel Spence, Lynda Turner, Pete Woodcock