EMSI this, EMSI that! How to use labour market data in course and module design

This interactive and practical workshop will help you navigate the wealth of data available on the EMSI database. Producing practical ways to use the information to enhance the employability of your students.

Employability and graduate outcomes is an important KPI for the University and one that is set to increase with the changing emphasis of the OfS regularly objectives and TEF classification. Courses are being targeted with achieving 60% of full-time students going into professional employment or further study, courses that fall short of this will have tough regularity action imposed (OfS, 2022).

The EMSI data base is a tool that can help you understand the current and predicted labour market. It uses economic and Big data to track and predict sector trends, occupational trends and skills needed. It also produces live job postings giving you access to the current job market, who is recruiting, what salaries and key skills required. This data can help you add value to your service area, whether you are a module leader, course leader, work in employability or skills development.

This session will ask you to explore how you can use the data in your area, set targets, understand the data that underpins EMSI and leave with a practical step towards adding value to your area and in turn your students.

OfS (2022) OfS sets out plans to crack down on poor quality courses. https://www.officeforstudents.org.uk/news-blog-and-events/press-and-media/ofs-sets-out-plans-to-crack-down-on-poor-quality-courses/


Workshop Overview 

Janna Wood, Machala Sentance