Everyday Ableism: Living life as a Student with a Disability

The Students’ Union’s Disabled Students’ Network has collected student feedback into the experiences for inclusion in teaching and learning. They will share the barriers they face in their learning journeys, and ways to make education inclusive and accessible.
Learning outcomes will include:

  • The impact barriers on students with disabilities face, including understanding microaggressions/use of language.
  • Gaining an awareness/knowledge of accessible education practice and inclusive language.
  • Identify ways to become an Ally for students with disabilities.
  • Leave with resources to make your modules inclusive.

The workshop will begin with a video showcasing several students university journeys, highlighting the barriers they face daily. This will be followed by a discursive workshop focusing on co-producing an inclusive student experience; this will focus on identifying the challenges students with different disabilities face and what we can do to mitigate these challenges.
The content of this workshop will discuss individual students’ experiences and is intended to challenge existing thought processes.


Workshop Overview


Lydia Blundell, Raphaella Ward