Learning with patients, service users and carers...


Learning with patients, service users and carers during an online simulated placement: how can we inspire health students?

Simulated placements have only recently been established in the Nursing curriculum at University of Huddersfield. A rationale was presented to the Nursing and Midwifery Council to embed up to 100 hours of simulated placement in each year of the BSc Nursing programmes. An important aspect of online placements is making them clinically relevant to the students. A working group was established to plan the activities of the simulated placement. This group included academic staff, Public Participation Group (PPG) and clinical colleagues.

Patient, service user and carer voices have been embedded in these placements, with support from the PPG. Examples will be shared but the main aims of the workshop are to provide opportunity for academic colleagues to:

Articulate their goals in relation to working with patients, service users and carers

Discuss the perceived challenges of this approach to learning both, in the class and digital environment, and draw on peer support to focus on workable solutions

Share good practice

Participants will work in groups to discuss these issues and each participant will be asked to write a goal to take from the workshop.

Representatives from PPG will participate in the workshop to ensure their perspectives are included in these important discussions.