Murder in the Curriculum


Murder in the Curriculum

This workshop will demonstrate how nursing have created immersive, interactive environments for students as part of a simulated placement initiative to promote team building and leadership. Delegates will be invited to design their own ideas for engaging and inspiring students using the same technologies.

The first part of the workshop will demonstrate two examples of using immersive technology to challenge and inspire students. The first is an online murder mystery that nursing have created for students in Thinglink. This immersive technology allows students to explore a 3D environment, find clues and work together to find the murderer. The second example uses GatherTown. Here students complete a series of puzzles around the anatomy and functions of the heart to ‘escape’ to the Beach Bar. The demonstration will show how these were combined with other technology, to provide a comprehensive package around team building and leadership. The demonstration will include feedback from students on how it has inspired their learning.

The second, and main, part of the workshop will invite delegates to storyboard their own ideas using the immersive technologies demonstrated by nursing. The workshop will use techniques from Instructional Design (ADDIE) and in particular Keller’s ARCS model of Motivation (Keller 2010). They will be guided through the design of a problem-solving scenario where learners are encouraged to become active participants in the learning process. Delegates will generate an initial outline of their ‘online, immersive, problem-solving scenario’. This will include, identifying which technologies they would use, the level of support required for students and what supporting material and prior knowledge students require to complete the activity. From this they will produce an outline action plan identifying next steps required for building and delivering their concept.

Keller, J. M. (2010). Motivational design for learning and performance: The ARCS model approach. New York: Springer.


Workshop Overview

Tim Cappelli, Karen Currell, Hayley Hewitt