Talking to your students: video feedback in the age of Covid-19

In this workshop I intend to introduce attendees to the 'hows and whys' of using video feedback on student assignments based upon my experience of using this method during the pandemic and my research on the topic. It will conclude that even though we are largely back on campus F2F, that the fundamental reason why students like video feedback, namely its personal nature, endures post pandemic.
The structure of the workshop will be:
Section one (20 mins) - a brief overview, with discussion, of what I did regarding video feedback in the pandemic - and an overview of student feedback on that activity.
Section two (20 mins) - a nuts and bolts guide on how to record video feedback (both technically and stylistically) - this will focus incessantly on the fact that you are not recording a broadcast quality piece of footage, but rather talking to your students. Feedback is teaching via different means.
Section three (10 mins) - a session that suggests that the content of feedback should always be about feeding forward to the next assignment and how video feedback really allows this to flourish.
Section four (10 mins) - closing plenary and discussions