TLC Keynotes


Morning session:

Prof. Jane Owen-Lynch; PVC Teaching and Learning. Introduction to day and context setting for the University.

Jane Owen-Lynch's Keynote Presentation 


Prof Kay Sambell (National Teaching Fellow) & Prof Sally Brown (Emerita Professor Leeds Beckett University).

Reimagining assessment: making it real!

Assessment impacts on student learning and this has long been central to our thinking in higher education.  Covid-19 has brought this even more sharply into focus, requiring us to consider how assessment approaches and practices can engage, support and motivate students.  Accordingly, returning to former excessive over-use of unseen, time-constrained on-campus exams doesn't seem sensible or realistic. Furthermore, we consider it helpful now to move to more authentic formats to foster student engagement and achievement 

In this keynote, we will consider the learnings from the last two years and look to future positive developments in assessment for learning. 

Kay Sambell and Sally Brown's Keynote Presentation 


Prof Kevin Orr - Associate Dean and National Teaching Fellow, School of Education and Professional Development.

Putting Pedagogy in its place 

This presentation will explore how pedagogy informed by strong subject knowledge can be fundamental to our University’s shared mission to educate, inspire and liberate our students, whatever their background. How can our knowledge of our subject inform our teaching to confer the kind of powerful knowledge that might help our students to transform their lives? 

Kevin Orr's  Keynote Presentation


Jane, Kevin and Sally/Kay's Keynote 


Sally Brown and Kay Sambell

A pragmatic approach to designing and delivering authentic assessment tasks 

In this workshop, building on the extensive resources Kay and Sally have created to support staff during pandemic times, (see ), we will review how effective and authentic assessment can be undertaken across the disciplines, with plenty of practical examples showing how participants at the workshop can readily and creatively implement these approaches at Huddersfield. Participants will have opportunities to: 

Consider a practical six-stage approach to designing authentic and constructively-aligned assessment activities; 
Review examples of authentic assessment tasks from across various disciplines; 
Discuss how these kinds of approaches can be implemented at Huddersfield university


Afternoon session

Prof Marc Jones 

The Challenge of Stress in Education

Marc explores approaches to managing stress while working in education. He will explore evidence-based strategies from the perspective of 24 hours in the life of an educator. There will be a focus on how we can build up our resources to deal with stress (e.g., social support, sleep and rest and recovery. The nature of stress and how it can be positive (challenge) and negative (threat) will be considered with a focus how to change stress responses personally, and in others we lead, manage and work with. The importance of transition from work to home will also be outlined and being able to ‘switch-off’ at the end of each day to enable appropriate rest and recovery.

Marc Jones' Keynote Presentation 


Marc's Keynote