What is Registry and do we need it anyway?

This interactive workshop provides an opportunity to challenge your understanding of how registry services support teaching and learning at the University. The session will outline some of our main areas of responsibility and de-bunk some of the myths.

Whilst we are quite happy to talk about what we do; we are really interested in exploring some of the reasons why we do it.

We will talk about the contribution of our regulations to the student experience and explore what can go wrong for our students. We will also consider how robust curriculum management underpins the quality of our provision. Delegates will be invited to consider some of the external pressures and drivers which shape what we do. The session will cover some of the main risks involved, what happens when things go wrong and what the consequences might be.

Using a case study exercise we will explore some of the issues in more depth and delegates will be able to put some of the principles into practice.


Workshop Overview

Rachel Birds, Cathie Raw, Jason Smith