Financial Worries and the Cost of Living Crisis

The current cost of living crisis means that many of us are struggling to cover essential household costs.  As we continue to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and with current cost-of-living pressures, it’s more important than ever that we get support and are aware of what help is available.

Sources of Support

Below are some sources of information and support for financial concerns:

  • Angel Advance - Debt and Budgeting advice is available through our Staff Wellbeing Confidential Support service (Viv Up). Angel Advance provides 24/7 online debt advice to get you back on track and make your finances more manageable. Angel Advance’s digital debt tool offers you comprehensive debt advice with a detailed recommendation about how you can deal with your debts, a full illustration of your situation, and even the opportunity to apply for a debt solution online, should you need one.
  • Bread and Butter Thing - If you are struggling to afford food for you or your family, this is a local low cost food membership scheme.  By joining this scheme, you can get £35 worth of food for £7.50.
  • Christians Against Poverty - A charity providing support and information for financial worries.  They partner with local churches but help anyone, regardless of religion or beliefs.  As part of their offering, they run a free course to teach budgeting skills and a simple system to successfully manage money.  The courses are taught in person and there are courses running in the Huddersfield area. 
  • Citizens Advice - Citizens Advice provides information to help you make the right choices, including help to deal with your debt problems, how to avoid losing your home and how to get your finances back into shape. You can also quickly check that you are not paying more council tax than you should be. There are reductions available for people on low incomes, and if you’re the only adult in your house then your bill can reduce by 25%.  
  • - The government have set up a campaign called Help for Households and here you can find out what support is available to help with the cost of living and how to save money with energy saving tips. You can also find out what benefits and allowances you may be entitled to.
  • Kirklees Cost of Living Crisis - Kirklees hub for Cost of Living Crisis information.
  • Marie Curie - If you're living with a terminal illness, you could be eligible for some of the financial support available for energy bills. You could also get help with your energy bills if you're caring for someone with a terminal illness.
  • Money Saving Expert - Martin Lewis has lots of information on how to save money and reduce costs, and has created a Cost of Living Survival Guide to help people through this situation.
  • National Debtline - National Debtline have created a Cost of Living Hub which can be used to find out if you can pay less for your costs of living and find out about any extra help that might be available.
  • StepChange - If you are struggling with debts, this charity provides free and expert advice to help you deal with your debts and get the support you need. You can get advice online or over the phone at a time that suits you, and after they have looked at your budget, they will recommend a range of practical debt solutions based on your situation.
  • Turn2Us - A national charity providing practical help to people who are struggling financially.  Their website includes information on how to find out if you could be entitled to a grant to help with energy and water bills.  
  • Which? - Which have a free My Money Health Check tool which asks you 7 simple questions and then brings together the latest guidance most relevant to you.