Your University Induction

Aimed at all new starters, your University Induction consists of information, resources and learning about our University aspirations, expectations and culture.

Induction and Settling In

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Your New Starter Induction Guide

Your manager may already have introduced you to this guide, it’s a useful list of things that you’ll need to cover in the first few days, weeks, and months.

If you’ve not yet had chance, download a copy of the Induction Guide, and then go through it with your manager and buddy.

The Staff Handbook is a comprehensive guide for all staff members at the University of Huddersfield. It covers topics such as policies and procedures, employee benefits, annual leave, visas and immigration, and hybrid working. Download the University of Huddersfield Staff Handbook to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a staff member.

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Our Campus and Huddersfield

In this section you will find information about our University campus and the wider town.

Want to know more about Huddersfield?

Beautiful countryside, independent shops, big nightlife, stunning architecture, sporting legends: they’re all on your doorstep when you’re living in Huddersfield. The town centre is currently undergoing lots of change, with work on the new £9m cinema and leisure complex that started early Spring 2023 in the Kingsgate Centre, and the £250m “Huddersfield Blueprint” creating a rejuvenated shopping area and brand new “Cultural Heart” with leisure, art, music and quality public spaces destined for the centre of town. And did we mention the people? This has to be one of the friendliest places on earth.  Welcome to friendly Huddersfield

Take a campus tour!

Research facilities alongside green spaces, places to eat and a gym. We’ve invested nearly £156 million in campus development, and have fantastic facilities including specialist laboratories, studios, and performance spaces. New initiatives also include the planned opening in 2024 of the new Daphne Steele Building, part of the planned National Health Innovation Campus

There's also a working canal that runs through the heart of our campus with a tree-lined towpath, perfect for those downtime moments. If you've not had a chance to look round our campus, you can take a Virtual Campus TourIf you wish, you can also book a Face-to-Face Campus Tour

Our Strategy, Structure and Culture

In this section you will find information about our University Strategy Map, Culture, Schools and Services.

Our University Strategy Map

The University of Huddersfield has the overarching aim to be an inspiring, innovative University of international renown which encompasses all aspects of our core activities – teaching, research, and knowledge exchange. 

Our strategic aims for 2025 are set out in the University Strategy Map, along with more information on our core values.

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Our Values & Behaviours

Every organisation’s culture is different, and we can only achieve what we do through our people. Our culture is underpinned by three core values (Team, Excellence & Community) which help guide our daily working lives. Each value has associated behaviours which provide a shared understanding about what it should look, sound and feel like to work at our University. Our values and behaviours apply to all staff, and we expect everyone in our University community to embrace them, helping to create a fantastic, vibrant workplace culture. To find out more, have a look at our Values, Behaviours and Engagement webpages (coming soon). You will hear and see a selection of videos, including our Vice-Chancellor and other staff, as they explain what our values mean to them and how they and their teams embrace each one of them in their jobs here at the University.

Professional Manager Apprenticeship (Level 5)

Professional Services

Our Schools work closely with a variety of Departments under the umbrella of Professional Services, for more information about each area, please click on the links below:

For a snapshot, you’ll find an overiew of who does what at our University.

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Your Probation, Essential Learning and MyHR

All new starters at the University will have a probation period. In this section you will find links to guidance for your probation, what learning and development to undertake during this time and MyHR.

Your Probation

As a University, we pride ourselves in supporting new starters as soon as you join us, through both your induction and probationary periods. Depending on your role at the University, the length of probation lasts for either six months or twelve months and may be extended if necessary. 

Your manager will plan when and how your probationary reviews will take place. For more information, please look at the probation guidance.

Mandatory (Induction) eLearning

As part of your induction, you’ll need to complete some mandatory eLearning modules.

Please click on Learn-Upon, in order to create your own account. Once signed in you will arrive on your own personal dashboard, and you will be auto-enrolled onto the modules you need to complete. 

You will have three months from your start date to complete these modules. Please look out for emails from Learn Upon, inviting you start these modules.

Our Induction Courses

In addition to your mandatory eLearning modules, you can attend class-based courses to help you settle in. 

These courses include the opportunity to meet our Vice Chancellor and learn about our 2025 University Strategy Map. 

Please take a look at the full range of Induction Courses on offer which can be found at the top of this page. 


MyHR is the employee self service platform provided by HR that allows you to take control of your personal data and carry out a number of tasks, such as booking annual leave or viewing your payslips. 

If you have any questions about the platform, please contact You can also visit the MyHR webpage.

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Your Progression and Development

In this section you will find information about learning and development opportunities and who to speak to about career advice.

People and Organisational Development

We provide a wide ranging development provision across our University.

Our immersive approach to development will ensure you’ll be both challenged and inspired to learn.

To find out what's on offer, please visit the People and Organisational Development webpages or log in to MyHR to search and book.

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Develop your IT skills

If you’re looking to improve your IT skills, then get in touch with our Digital Skills team. They have plenty of bespoke courses and individual sessions available to meet everyone’s level of expertise and need.

You can also use the digital skills induction tool and the digital skills capability tool to gauge your own levels of IT expertise before reaching out to our Digital Skills team.

Career Development Advice

The Careers and Employability Service supports all Huddersfield staff, students and graduates to achieve their career potential. 

We treat each person as an individual and are committed to taking an inclusive, holistic, humanistic and client centred approach.

For more information, please visit the Careers and Employability Service webpages. 


Belonging and Community

In this section you will find information about our cultural expectations, your wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion, the StaffHub and support for our new international colleagues.

Your Wellbeing

At our University, we believe that our workforce is our greatest asset, and so the health and wellbeing of all our staff is a priority. Please visit the staff Wellbeing webpages where you’ll find useful guidance, information, and resources as well as the groups/clubs you might want to get involved in. Whether you will be working directly with students or not, you may encounter a student who needs help. Familiarise yourself with our guide to supporting students experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing, on the Student Mental Health Support webpage. Here you will also find other staff resources and helpful training videos

Please visit the student wellbeing support website, for other wellbeing services available specifically for our students.

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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team are responsible for promoting inclusion around our University.

They can provide you with help and advice on all areas of EDI and lead a wide range of initiatives that raise awareness and celebrate EDI across our campus. 

Please visit the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion webpage to find out more information about the events, staff networks and initiatives.


The StaffHub

Visit the University StaffHub, which has all your up-to-date Huddersfield University news, and useful information.

Working in the UK

The Working in the UK webpages provide information on various types of visas which enable you to undertake work in the UK, information about relocating to the UK and information for our current international employees. 

We also run an International Buddy Scheme for our new international colleagues who are relocating to the UK. 

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Useful Contacts

You’ll find lots of useful information on this SharePoint site, covering key services that you will come across in your role here at our University.

This site includes email addresses, up to date contact names and details of opening hours of many of our Professional Services Departments.

Are you a People Manager?

In this section you will find useful information and resources for new (or recently promoted) People Managers at our University.

Guidance for People Managers

If you are joining us as a people manager with staffing responsibilities, or have been recently promoted to a people management role, welcome and congratulations. We aim to create a culture in which great management and leadership is embedded at all levels and across all our Schools and Services.  

We have created a guide for new people managers to support you as you start your journey here at our University. Please click on the  Welcoming New People Managers guide for more detail.

In addition, please visit our Management Matters webpage.


Huddersfield Leader Framework

The Huddersfield Leader Framework identifies what best practice in management and leadership at our University looks, feels and sounds like. It outlines the core competencies and behaviours for all managers, current and future. Each competency includes a brief description that every manager can use to guide them, and clearly outlines what staff can expect from their leaders and managers. To find out more, please watch this short introductory video.

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HR Managers Induction

Our HR Managers will get in touch and arrange a meeting with all new people managers.

During the HR Managers Induction, you will have chance to talk about HR processes and any additional support you feel you may need during your first few months.

As people manager, you will also have access to iTrent which allows you to undertake a range of people management tasks, such as approving annual leave, recording sickness absences and completing appraisals (PDPRs).

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Are you a Technician?

This section contains information for all new starters working in a technical services role here at our University. 

What is the Technicians Commitment?

Our University signed up to the Technicians Commitment in 2019. The Technician Commitment is a University and research institution initiative, led by a steering group of sector bodies, with support from the Science Council and the Technicians Make It Happen campaign.

The Commitment aims to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians working in higher education and research, across all disciplines. 

The Huddersfield Technical Network (HudTechNet) is an exciting opportunity to build upon, strengthen, and celebrate our community of technicians across University. Through collaborative effort, technicians will collectively ensure that the visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability of our technical workforce is maintained. For more information have a look at the HudTechNet webpages.

Health and Safety Support and Training

Looking for Health and Safety (H&S) advice for your role? Please see what's on offer from our colleagues in the H&S Team. You can also contact your School or Service H&S co-ordinator for support.

Do you need H&S training for your role? There are various online H&S courses available to you. To arrange specific training, for example First Aid at Work or IOSH, please contact the H&S Team direct by email.

Questions? Please get in contact ...

We hope that you have a fantastic induction experience. If you have any questions, please get in touch through MS Teams or email

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