Employee Management Referrals

There are various mechanisms that can trigger an employee referral to the Occupational Health team. These are given in the University's Human Resources Policies and Procedures and may include aspects of the policy for Management of Sickness Absence

If you are an employee and are being referred to Occupational Health and have any queries or concerns it is advisable to discuss it with your line manager, where this isn't possible feel free to contact our team.

How Do I refer someone I line manage to Occupational Health?

The first step would be to contact your Human Resources Manager,  who will guide you in completing a Management Referral form and other necessary documents. The reasons for referral are discussed between the individual and their line manager and the employee is provided with a copy of the referral form. 

The referral form is sent to Occupational Health by your HR Manager, upon receipt an assessment will be arranged. 

The Referrals to Occupational Health information sheet explains more about the process.

Upon receipt of a referral form from Human Resources the individual is sent confirmation of an appointment to see the most appropriate member of the Occupational Health team and this is copied to the referring manager and the HR Manager. Following this appointment, a report advising on the individuals fitness to work is sent to the relevant manager(s) and to the relevant HR Manager.

Occupational Health advice may include

  • recommended adjustments to facilitate ongoing work or a return to work
  • referral to other specialists
  • whether further consultations are required with the Occupational Health Service and at what frequency

A copy of the report is usually also provided to the employee.   

Our team are available to answer any queries you may have about the referral process please contact us.


Individual employee Occupational Health records are maintained in strictest confidence. No clinical information is disclosed in Occupational Health reports unless it is pertinent to the advice being provided to management. Information is kept confidential within the department and will only be released with the full knowledge and consent of the employee.  However there are legal reasons where this would have to be breached as detailed in the Occupational Health Policy.

Employee Self Referrals

Before requesting a self referral appointment please read the following information

Examples where employees may wish to consult the department include when they:

  • believe that their psychological health is at risk and do not feel able to talk to their line manager or the available 
  • experiences tingling sensations in their wrists and forearms and uses Display screen equipment regularly each working day 

For cases of workplace injury, assistance should be sought from the local First Aider in the first instance. 

The following issues should be brought to the attention of your line manager before a referral takes place:

  • bouts of back pain and their daily routines involve moving and  handling
  • contact with irritant substances and you have noticed areas of skin on your hands becoming red and itchy

The following types of problems should be taken to your General Practitioner:

  • minor ailments, colds, sore throats, blood pressure monitoring etc

This Self Referral Information Sheet provides guidance about the process which you can print out and refer to. 




Employees who wish to self refer should complete this Employee Self Referral Form in order that the Occupational Health team can provide you with the most appropriate assistance / advice for your individual situation.


Should you require further advice regarding the self referral process please contact the Occupational Health Department

The Occupational Health Nursing Adviser will undertake an initial consultation with the employee.  It may be recommended at this stage that the employee is referred to an Occupational Health Medical Adviser and / or their own General Practitioner.


A workplace visit may be recommended and / or consultation with the employee's line manager, a member of the Office of Health and Safety team or other specialist agencies. These will be instigated only after a full discussion with, and with the agreement of the individual.

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