Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync helps end users be more productive by enabling them to communicate and collaborate easily with others in different locations or time zones using a range of different communication options, including instant messaging (IM), voice, desktop sharing and video. 


An overview on how to load & login to Microsoft Lync. » More


Set your presence status and what you display to your colleagues. » More

  Personal Settings

How to change your status, set alerts, publish phone details, turn on and off logging within Microsoft Lync. » More

Privacy Settings

Changing the privacy settings, different levels of settings for different colleagues. » More

  Display Picture Settings

Changing your display pictures or leaving it as default. » More


How to add, remove, sort & organise and communicate with your Contacts. » More

  Voice Calls

Make and control calls, learn how to transfer and forward calls. » More

 Instant Messaging

How to send and receive Instant Messages. » More

 ‌Video Calls

Engage in face-to-face conversation using a webcam. » More

File Transfer

Send a files & documents during a conversation without the need for e-mail. » More

 Desktop Sharing

Share desktop with other users during conversations. » More

 Integration With Microsoft Outlook

An overview of integration and functionality. » More

Sign Into Lync & Get Started

See more on signing into Lync and getting started.

Personalise your contact

See more on personalising your contact.

Change your picture settings

See more on changing your picture settings.

Build your contacts list

See more on building your contacts list.

Get in touch by IM

See more on getting in touch by IM.

Privacy Settings

See more on privacy settings.

Integration with outlook

See more on integration with outllook.

Voice call

See more on voice calling.

Video call

See more on video calling.

Desktop Sharing

See more on the desktop sharing.

File Transfer

See more on file transers.

Further Information

See more on further information.